I've always wanted to have a cam in my eye
when I bump into a moment
I would regret I have not stored.

Thanks to the dream I am in future.
There is no Google or Facebook or any other corp here anymore,
but there is the Corp here.
It does not have any other name, just the Corp.

And thanks to the Corp everyone here have modified DNA
and updates are installed over the air without opt out, by law.

Me was no exception,
I've got patched as soon as I dropped into the time.

However something went wrong and I have returned to my native time,
partially rolling back the patch.

While I was trying to get myself stable,
suddenly the Glass opened in front of me but inside my mind.
Strange almost-triangular form like an upper piece of a wide flat ring.

Narrated voice inside my head,
breaking through bugs caused by the partial rollback, told me:

- Some memories are recovered from your brain and are extrapolated in a fun way.
Please enjoy.

Then I have seen in the Glass some of those moments I always wanted I could store,
but sometimes followed by something that never happened, ill joke of that code I guess.

There was a friend of mine laughing with the beams of sun going through her hair.
Social profile link was attached and mind-clickable. But before I clicked it...

...all switched to my pet turtle (dead few years ago), moving its head in its own way.
Then I have seen some creatures behind my turtle, knowing they are the turtle's kids it never had.
However they looked more like small snake-wide green-gray dragons.

...my own kid, Sophia, playing with my wife near the house,
both smiling and sky so happy...

Then the Glass collapsed.

There was a room of people seating like students at stairs-like tables, me too.
I have asked:

- Does anyone know why the heck everything inside the Glass looked both real,
but partially like in a HalfLife game?

One of the "students" - my former colleague I was not communicating much with, answered:

- You'd better learned how it works before trying to use it.
It's no secret. Images are extracted from your brain, passed through the Corp mind,
and extrapolated with something that should be relevant.
It is your brain that used HalfLife rendering style for this, you buggy one.

Students laughed. No problem being the Glitch. You remember the Vanellope von Schweetz, right?

I felt stable and awakened.

night at March 21-22, 2013